The Spa at Shula's debuts renovations

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 0 Comments

The Spa at Shula's debuts renovations
The Spa at Shula’s located at 15150 Bull Run Road recently upgraded some of its amenities. The renovation began in September and ended in October. The nail room was reopened on February 5. The floors were replaced through all the main areas, the area was painted and wallpaper was added to the walls.
New lighting and sconces were added as well as new cabinets and quartz counter tops in the relaxation area, bathroom and lobby. All new furniture and décor was added in the lobby, relaxation area and bathroom.
The biggest part of the renovation was the Spa’s nail room. It was completely revamped and the room was expanded by four feet. An additional manicure and pedicure station was added. The Spa went from having two manicure and two pedicure stations to having three manicure and three pedicure stations.
The room has been modernized and beatified. With its new furniture layout, the lobby feels more spacious. The Spa also added touches of natural stone such as quartz and alabaster with wood and gold accents and curtains to the lobby to give the spa a softer and homey feel.
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