Dr. Limon’s Ceviche Bar opens in Miami Lakes

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Dr. Limon’s Ceviche Bar opens in Miami Lakes

“Miami Lakes is a cool place, but it's so quiet. I want to make some noise, make it fun,” said Rufino Paulino, owner of the newest restaurant in Miami Lakes, Dr. Limon's Ceviche Bar, located at 7341 Miami Lakes Drive in the Cypress Village shopping center. 

Though an official grand opening celebration is still in the works and a ribbon cutting with the Town Council happened only a couple weeks ago, Paulino's restaurant is overflowing with customers, new and familiar faces. The original Dr. Limon's Ceviche Bar is located in Kendall and a second location opened in Sweetwater. 0Despite the drive to get a taste of the specialized ceviche options, regulars from all over, including Broward and Miami Lakes, make the trek there every weekend. Now with the opening of a Miami Lakes location, and the first franchise of the Dr. Limon brand, ceviche fans don't have to travel far.

Regulars are well-acquainted with Paulino who worked as a server for several years at the corporate locations. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Paulino didn't know how to cook, “not even boil an egg,” he said, when he first arrived to the states several years ago. He studied civil engineering in his home country but in Miami is where he learned to cook. Paulino worked every station in a restaurant, giving him first hand experience for what makes a successful restaurant and understanding for his employees whom he affectionately refers to as his colleagues. 

After many years working as a server in the Kendall location he jumped at the opportunity to be the first franchisee of the Dr. Limon brand, as did his family.

“This is a family affair,” said Paulino who speaks fondly of his parents and sisters who each bought a share in the restaurant franchise. “My family loves the food and we wanted to do this together. I couldn't have done this without them, my daughter, and without my girlfriend who has been a huge support system for me as I started this new adventure.”

Paulino is passionate about his work and delighted he gets to embark on this with his loved ones. 

For those who are nervous to try something different like ceviche, Paulino encourages them to be “adventurous.” Over 15 different styles of ceviche are offered at the restaurant along with other Peruvian cuisine. Ceviche is various seafood protein predominantly cooked in citrus based sauces which infuse it with a unique flavor. 

The menu items are named to fit the doctor and medical theme of the restaurant. The most popular dishes are the Dr. Miyagi and Fiebre Alta, translated to 'High Fever.'

“You can get ceviche in other places but there aren't really options in Miami Lakes which is why I wanted to meet that need and open the restaurant here,” said Paulino. “But even if you did go outside of Miami Lakes to get your ceviche, I'd say to those people that what sets us apart from the rest is sauces and service. The sauce is truly where the magic happens for ceviche and we have so many unique and traditional sauces in house made with the freshest seafood.”

The sauces are made by the corporate location's head chef and co-founder, Carlos Brescia, who visits the Miami Lakes location to hand-prepare the sauces every other day. Co-founders José Antonio Combina and Fiorella Terrazas, along with Brescia, founded the restaurant in 2012. 

The regular menu offers a host of flavors and every week, two new plates are offered as specialties which is voted upon by the staff.

“We have people who come so often they have tried everything on the menu so as soon as they sit down they don’t ask for a menu they just say ‘bring us your newest meals’ because they’re confident they’ll like it,” said Paulino. 

Apart from the menu, the restaurant bar has six craft beers on tap, and a few more on the way, a unique blend of ubiquitous favorites, local brews, and Peruvian brews as well. The bar is conveniently located on the side of the restaurant that opens to a garden where Paulino plans to add awnings, tables, and a live band to bring some Latin fun and noise to Miami Lakes. 
“I am so thankful to Phillip Wylie of The Graham Companies for helping me find this location in Miami Lakes and for being so great to work with to make this process as easy as it could be,” said Paulino. 

For more information on menu items, hours, to order online and for a call-ahead number for a table, visit www.doctorlimon.com.

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