Lumina Massage hosts a Health and Wellness Series for Miami Lakes

Saturday, December 2, 2017 0 Comments

Lumina Massage hosts a Health and Wellness Series for Miami Lakes

Lumina Massage, a Miami Lakes business located at 5791-B N.W. 151 Street, is owned by massage therapist Michelle Orchid Rodriguez who is as passionate for her community as she is about preventative care. Rodriguez’s passions are colliding in her new health and wellness lecture series which strives to bring together speakers on various topics on health to educate and help visitors find camaraderie with like-minded people.

The kick-off event for the series is called “Women in Wellness” which will focus on topics specifically related to women, although future lectures will be for anyone and everyone. The “Women in Wellness” lecture is brought together by Rodriguez with Vanessa Urrego, founder of the women empowerment movement called “Porque Si” that creates apparel with a portion of proceeds going to the Life and Freedom Center which is a rehabilitation network for victims of sex trafficking. A portion of the proceeds from the “Women in Wellness” lecture will also go to the Life and Freedom Center.

“We will be discussing chiropractic care, personal nutrition, and we just want a place for people to come and be inspired to live the healthiest life they can,  said Rodriguez. “There are so many roadblocks that people run into when trying to lead a healthy life. It starts mentally. Miami Culture used to be all about weight loss and quick fixes. Also, people struggle when they don’t feel like they have support, and also just a lack of healthy eating options in Miami Lakes.”

Speakers will include Rodriguez, Urrego, Dr. D of the Joint Chiropractor FL and Nicole Alarcon, Miami Lakes resident and certified personal nutritionist and personal training. Alarcon is known around town for her FitLikeMe bootcamps which take place at Miami Lakes Picnic Park West.

“This is about having a community that says ‘let’s do this together’ so that people can really make life changes not just quick fixes for their body and health,” said Rodriguez. “We are not going on a campaign against ‘Pan con Bistec.’ People love their culture, and they love their food, and we aren’t asking anyone to abandon their culture, we want to make an easy transition in healthier options and moderation of certain foods. What I really hope to see out of this is inspiration for long-term change and for Miami Lakes to be an example for surrounding cities.”

Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased at on under “Women in Wellness.” For more information visit or follow on Facebook and Instagram. 

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