Spring: A great time of the year!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 0 Comments

Spring: A great time of the year!
Spring is a great time of year! Although here is South Florida this season is not as highly anticipated as in places where the climate is colder, it nonetheless fills us with great hope and enthusiasm. This is because spring reminds us of new life and perhaps a little more. Spring seems to remind us of eternity. As we watch flowers blossom, hear birds sing and see daylight extend, we get a sense of paradise.
All of us are in search of paradise. Regardless of our race, culture or creed we yearn to be in the presence of glorious beauty which will never end and always seem new. Those of us who are Christians celebrate this promised inheritance at Easter.
After journeying in solidarity with Jesus through the cruel and bitter reality of his passion and death on Good Friday, we rejoice and celebrate the eternal glory of his resurrection at Easter. It is a passing over from winter into spring not only for him, but for all of us willing to embrace love as he did. At Easter, through the merits and accomplishments of Jesus, we are reminded that love conquers all – even death!
May the glory of the risen Christ fill our hearts with much joy, peace and hope! May his blessings be upon us, our loved ones and all. May the reality of Easter confidently remind us that all who live in love will always live in spring! Happy Easter!
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