Peace will begin to reign

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Peace will begin to reign
In many of the great myths of old, the universe is depicted as a place where chaos and order, death and life are forever locked in battle. For anyone who has paused for a moment to consider their own existence, this struggle seems to be more than a myth, it represents our daily experience. We work hard to establish order around us, only to see chaos and death tear it down. 
Two millennia ago, the Apostles likewise saw their expectations dashed as they witnessed the crucifixion of the one they hoped would finally bring peace and justice. But on the third day afterward, a miracle occurred, their Messiah rose from the grave and appeared to them in Jerusalem. In the resurrection of Jesus Christ, death no longer has the last word. In the brilliant light of day, the empty tomb proclaims God's victory over the forces of chaos. The message of Pascha is one of hope. 
St. Paul writes, "At present, we do not yet see everything in subjection to him" (Heb 2:8). The world continues to be consumed by chaos. But the promise given is that peace will begin to reign even now in the hearts of those who believe. And this promise will finally be confirmed in the glorious age to come, when the entire universe will be set aright. Until the dawn of that day, Orthodox Christians will continue to proclaim, Christ is risen! Indeed, he is risen! 
May the light of his resurrection be with all of you and may you experience its joy this Eastertide.
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