MLEC again named Magnet School of Excellence

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MLEC again named Magnet School of Excellence
Miami Lakes Educational Center (MLEC) is an award-winning school. Over the years, MLEC, its students, faculty and staff, have earned recognition for their performance, their skill and their dedication. This January, they received one more prestigious prize and recognition from Magnet Schools of America. It has once again received top honors, earning the distinction of a National Magnet School of Excellence.
“The MSA School of Excellence Award is a notable achievement for us because, as a wall-to-wall magnet, every student and every teacher contributed to this recognition,” said Lourdes Diaz, MLEC principal.
Magnet Schools of America (MSA) is a national organization representing over 4,000 magnet schools and programs. Every year it recognizes the best magnet schools and programs for their commitment to high academic standards, curriculum innovation, successful diversity efforts, specialized teaching staffs and parent/community involvement.
“We are proud to acknowledge these awardees for their commitment to creating extraordinary theme-based magnet schools that promote diversity, innovation and academic excellence in the classroom,” said Todd Mann, MSA executive director.
The organization has two separate award categories – Magnet School of Excellence Award and the Magnet School of Distinction Award. The highest honor, which MLEC earned, is awarded to a group of select magnet schools known as the Magnet School of Excellence Award which is given to schools that not only meet the basic requirements, but surpasses them.
“This is the third consecutive year that our school is recognized, and that speaks volumes about the work of our faculty and student body. I couldn’t be more proud,” Diaz said.
MLEC has six career academies and a total of 21 career pathways, including studies as diverse as engineering and health sciences to journalism and commercial arts. The school, like Miami-Dade County is diverse. The majority of MLEC students are either first-generation Americans or immigrants themselves, originating from over 33 countries around the world, which has only worked to prepare them, like all MDCPS students, to compete in an ever more global economy.
But, MLEC does not only bring people from different cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds together, it fosters creativity, critical thinking and a diversity of thought.
Students learn to apply mathematics, history and even literature in real world work scenarios. They make cross curricular connections between the traditional curriculum and their career pathways, blending geometry and graphic design, physics and the combustion engine.
“It’s always an honor to be recognized as one of the top magnet schools in the country,” said Helena Castro, MLEC’s activities director. “This honor is even more significant because it acknowledges our whole school program. Every program, every student, every teacher is being applauded.”

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