American Senior High School names two outstanding teachers

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American Senior High School names two outstanding teachers


American Senior High School (ASHS) announced two top teachers for the 2017-18 school year. Guillermo Casarreal was named Teacher of the Year while his colleague, Vanessa Bertin, was announced as Rookie Teacher of the Year. 

“It (Teacher of the Year) represents a stimulus for continuing learning and improving my knowledge in order to give more to my students,” Casarreal said. 

Casarreal has been teaching since 1971, but had his beginnings at University of Pinar del Rio in Cuba. Additionally, he was a professor at Autonomous University of Managua in Nicaragua, University of Luanda in Angola and the University of Costa Rica. 

He began working at ASHS in 2005 teaching earth science, physics and mathematics. He now teaches advanced topics in math to juniors and seniors. Although Casarreal wanted to be an engineer growing up, he found a passion in something he never expected.

“When I began to teach I understood the importance of it, and I began to love this career,” Casarreal explained. 

Rookie Teacher of the Year, Bertin, teaches world history and U.S. history to 9th and 11th grade.  She graduated from Barbara Goleman Senior High School in 2002. She attended Miami-Dade College for her first two years, receiving her associates of arts in 2012 and finally transferring to Florida International University and graduating with a bachelors degree in sociology and anthropology in 2016. Before teaching at ASHS, she taught dance for 7 years. 

“Winning this award is an honor,” Bertin said. “I appreciate all of my colleagues who acknowledge not just my hard work, but all of the new teachers who work hard.”

With Bertin, the key to her teaching is open communication with her students. She creates a college atmosphere where her students can always reach her through her designated “office hours” which last from before class even begins to the end of the school day, and sometimes even longer. 

“I try to get them into the habit of being able to communicate so they can convey anything they need. Including to a boss or college professor in the future,” Bertin said.  

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