14 Pace High seniors accepted to Florida State university in the Fall

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 0 Comments

14 Pace High seniors accepted to Florida State university in the Fall


Monsignor Edward Pace High School (Pace) announced that 14 Class of 2018 seniors recently received their letters of acceptance from Florida State University (FSU). 

The students accepted were Eudens Antoines, Tajmara Antoines, Kai Cooper, Tivvon Cruickshank, Luis del Rio, Rose Delva, Aleisha Fleurantin, Sharon Flores, Emily Llerena, Alexander Pereda, Mikeiveka Sanon, Sebastian Santelices, Mya Sheril and Nickolas Valdes.

After four years of challenging curriculum and extracurricular involvement, these 14 Spartans have met and exceeded the standards needed for acceptance into FSU. 

“These students have embodied what Florida State, as well as many other universities look for,” said Pace college advisor Melanie Otero. “They have worked hard, and have been dedicated since their freshman year. They have excelled within the classroom and they have also succeeded within their community.”

This is the first group of students accepted to FSU for the upcoming school year, but Pace does expect to have another announcement following the university’s second application deadline. As in years prior, Pace will once again be offering students with the opportunity to visit FSU and other state universities this Fall during Pace’s college tours.



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