Pace High School seniors participate in traditional class trip abroad to Canada

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 0 Comments

Pace High School seniors participate in traditional class trip abroad to Canada


Just before the President’s Day weekend, members of Monsignor Edward Pace High School’s (Pace) Class of 2018, participated in a highly anticipated annual tradition, the senior class trip to Canada.

After months of planning and coordinating just the right winter attire, 54 seniors and seven  chaperones made up of faculty and administrators, boarded a plane to Canada. For many, it was their very first time traveling out of the country to become immersed in French Canadian culture while enjoying some fun winter activities. It has been a part of Pace’s history for nearly 40 years.

During the 4-day trip, the students stayed at the Edphy International Nature Center, better known as “Camp Edphy”, which is located at the foot of the Laurentians Mountains in Southern Quebec. Here the group got to know their camp counselors, and embarked on a unique adventure while creating some fun, unforgettable memories.

Students had a chance to try ice skating, skiing, snow tubing and had some good old fashioned snow ball fights. They shared meals, toured the cities of Montreal and Quebec, visited the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral and participated in Sunday mass at St. Norbert Catholic Church in Quebec before heading back to South Florida.

For nearly four decades, this unique trip has not only served as an educational experience, but has also strengthened friendships and camaraderie among the Pace seniors as their final days of high school draw near. 

The school is proud of this tradition and plans on continuing the senior trip to Canada for many years to come. 


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