Bob Graham Education Center Homelessness Awareness Day recognized by CEA

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 0 Comments

Bob Graham Education Center Homelessness Awareness Day recognized by CEA
November 8 was Homeless Awareness Day in Miami-Dade County, a day designated to bring awareness to the issue of homelessness in the community and provide information on ways people can help. The students in the Civic Engagement Academy (CEA) at Bob Graham Education Center (BGEC) organized a number of activities to commemorate the day in Miami Lakes.
They partnered with the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust to hold a rally on campus for the entire student body to bring awareness to the issue. Ron Book, chairman of the Homeless Trust, attended the rally and spoke to the students about various issues impacting the community and how students can help. Additionally, the students used the opportunity to showcase a video they have been working on to promote the various Feed the Homeless Meters that are located throughout the town of Miami Lakes.
Earlier this year, these students lobbied the Town Council to place these meters in all of the town’s major parks. The students also met with representatives from The Graham Companies who gave the students permission to place a meter on Main Street in the fountain area near the movie theater.
This meter program is a project of the Homeless Trust to collect money to help with programs throughout the county. Every penny collected from these meters goes directly to support and assist with food, shelter and more.
The video the students worked on will be used on websites and social media to help promote the Feed the Meter program in Miami Lakes. The students encourage all residents who visit the parks and Main Street to feed these meters with spare change.

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