Miami Lakes Sports Shop celebrates 46 years

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 0 Comments

Miami Lakes Sports Shop celebrates 46 years
Miami Lakes Sports Shop, 6811 Main Street, is celebrating its 46th anniversary, and though it recently moved just 70 feet away from the original location, the services will never change.
The store’s owners, Jim and Roslyn Hamilton, are running the location with their daughter-in-law, Barbara Hamilton, the shop’s manager and team sports specialist.
“We are a family business that specializes in customer services, competitive prices, convenient hours and community involvement,” said Jim Hamilton. “We also specialize in team uniforms and shoes, school team business and equipment, indoor embroidery service and personalized printing.”
Hamilton, who opened up the store in 1973, said his business is the oldest retail store in Miami Lakes, which has a connection to the Optimist Club of Miami Lakes.
Hamilton has been a member of the organization since its birth, and his shop specializes in team sports for boys’ and girls’ soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, flag football and cheerleading, from youth league to college.
The shop’s other biggest customers are Miami-Dade College, Braddock High School, Columbus High head baseball coach Joe Webber, a Miami Lakes resident, and The Graham Companies,.
“It shows what we do for anybody,” Hamilton said. “It’s not just the Optimist Club but we reach out to other customers in our targeted areas.”
But the Miami Lakes Sports Shop does more than just retail sales, the store also employs and trains people to be the best employees in Miami Lakes.
“Over the past 46 years, we have employed over 100 young adults who are working their way through college,” Hamilton said. “All of our kids gained business experience by working in our store. In the last two years, my daughter-in-law has served as store manager and team sports specialist.”
Hamilton’s business also offers a new program which sets up online stores to allow customers to individually make team purchases.
“We appreciate all of the support for our business and traditional value we established 46 years ago,” Hamilton said.

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