Turnover chain got a workout this season

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Turnover chain got a workout this season

It’s sparkly, it’s coveted and it’s hard-won.

It’s Goleman football’s turnover chain.

Stored in an undisclosed location, the gold necklace with a green ‘gator dangling from it was briefly flaunted by a player after each of the 35 turnovers recorded by the defense this season.

“That’s how many times it has been worn,” said Goleman’s Head Coach Ariel Cribeiro.

Cribeiro went to the University of Miami, which started the turnover chain craze and inspired Goleman’s version of the motivational bling that debuted last season.

A defensive player who forced a fumble by the other team and recovered the ball or intercepted a pass got to wear the jewelry.

Gators defense allowed the fewest points, a total of 183, of the season among the 12 teams that competed in the Greater Miami Athletic Conference Independent, according to MaxPreps.

Middle linebacker Winston Mendoza, a senior who led the team in tackles with 45 and had one interception, said he got to wear the chain twice.

“It’s a great feeling putting on that chain when you get a turnover,” Mendoza said. “We love to show it off by flashing it around.”

The chain also hung from the necks of offensive players who created turnovers while playing a few minutes on defense.

But the turnover chain didn’t amuse starting quarterback Anthony Fernandez.

“The offense really doesn’t care for it,” said Fernandez, who threw for a school record 1,916 yards and 26 touchdowns with three interceptions. “As long as we score and win, we’re happy.”

Cribeiro said a Booster Club parent donated the chain last season when the Gators forced 15 turnovers and finished 4 - 6.

“Not as many as this year,” Cribeiro said.

Still, the chain is eagerly accepted, perhaps too enthusiastically, by those who earn a few moments of glory.

“Players get excited when they put it on and sometimes break it,” Cribeiro said.

Duct tape has come in handy.

Meanwhile, the necklace is secured away until next season.

“It stays there until then,” the coach said.

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