Relocation Strategies opens Miami Lakes office

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 0 Comments

Owners of South Florida’s Relocation Strategies branch, Carlos Erban and his partner, Eduardo Torres, transfer businesses both large and small – whether it’s a family-owned small business or a large industrial plant. Their goal is to make moving services much easier for their clients, which is why they have coined themselves as “wedding planners” for businesses looking to grow. 

“We are at the center of all the coordinating managing that is required for a corporation’s relocation. Typically, we work with corporate offices and industrial,” Erban said. 

Besides the usual furniture moving, the partners are in charge of overseeing various contractors for different reasons – IT, and even architectural services are needed during a company’s expansion. 

“Everything from furniture, the cubicles, the moving, the architects, electrical work, security systems…IT is usually the biggest issue. Companies don’t want to interrupt their business, so we come in to achieve that so they don’t lose productivity,” he said. 

Relocation Strategies works with clients up to six months in advance to make sure everything goes smoothly come move-in day. In addition to saving clients money, Erban and Torres do most of the heavy lifting to also save them the headache. 

While property management, furniture vendors, rigging and even special needs vendors report directly to the project management – project management reports directly to the client. Almost like a wedding planner reporting directly to the bride and groom while also juggling the cake, flowers and venue. 

It’s something almost everyone would look past, but Erban and Torres highlight a relocator's important role in the upgrading of a business. 

“Typically when there is an office move, almost always something goes wrong,” sighed Erban. “You move once every ten years, so office managers usually don’t have experience in moving an entire office. So now all of a sudden, you even have the CEO involved.” 

Although their first big project was all the way in San Francisco, Relocation Strategies is looking at prospective jobs here in Miami Lakes as well. 

“We do have a proposal out to a large distributor who wants to move to Miami Lakes, and they’ve already decided on the warehouse. They’re still in the process of doing some evaluations. We haven’t landed the contract yet, but they’re moving from North Miami to Miami Lakes,” Torres said. 

In addition to close relationships with local brokers, the partners are even building relationships with Miami Lakes’ Graham Companies. For more information about the company visit or

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