New Florida budget includes $1 million for two Miami Lakes capital projects

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 0 Comments


The Town of Miami Lakes was a big winner for state funding, as Florida Governor Rick Scott approved $1 million for two major capital improvement projects requested by two State Representatives Manny Diaz Jr., and Jose Oliva and State Senator Rene Garcia.

The Miami Lakes and Hialeah Representatives secured the funding during the 60-day Legislative Session, $500,000 for phase III of the West Lakes Drainage Improvements and $500,000 for the Royal Oaks Drainage Improvement projects, and Scott subsequently signed off on them last week. 

“This budget is significant for the residents of Miami Lakes,” said Diaz. “The drainage projects are also very important, because they will help avoid flooding, prevent erosion and protect public and private property. I’m always aware that behind the budget numbers are actual people whose lives are impacted by what we do during session, and I believe our communities will benefit from these dollars being put to work for us.”

The two projects were identified as important in improving Miami Lakes’ infrastructure for the town’s Stormwater Management and Flood Mitigation Plan, according to a 2014 Miami Lakes survey.

Both communities have repetitive loss properties, according to FEMA.

The impact of stormwater is immense, hence a strong Stormwater Management plan is important for any municipality and its resiliency efforts. There are several factors that affect the amount of pollution that is discharged into the waterways. Some common factors include, but are not limited to, litter disposal, automotive fluid on streets, and pesticides and fertilizers in gardens also affect what enters the drainage system during rainstorms. Once the stormwater pollution enters the waterways, it can be harmful to plants, animals, and the entire ecosystem.

The West Lakes community in the southwestern portion of the Town of Miami Lakes, continues to be adversely impacted by flooding events and is addressed as a priority project in the Stormwater Master Plan. This project will reduce flooding for Miami Lakes residents living in the area. The West Lakes project currently presents the final phase of a partnership between the State of Florida and Town of Miami Lakes. Once the project is completed, all localized flooding is proposed to be virtually eliminated.

The Royal Oaks community in the northwestern portion of the Town, suffers numerous flooding events during heavy rainfall and storms, resulting in inadequate drainage, flooding on residential roads, and unsafe transportation conditions.

Both projects will benefit the Town by reducing flooding, improving drainage capacity, eliminating standing rain and stormwater, protecting residential property, reducing the possibility of mosquito-transmitted diseases to the public, and improving the quality of lives of the Miami Lakes community and constituents.

“The Town of Miami Lakes wishes to extend special thanks to Governor Rick Scott, State Senator Rene Garcia, Representative Manny Diaz Jr., and Representative Jose Oliva for championing these two important projects,” according to a posting on the Town’s website.

For more information on Legislative Appropriations and Grants received by the Town of Miami Lakes, contact Renee N. Jean, Grants Administrator at or call (305)364-6100 Ext. 1225.


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