'Giving Gators' dedicate unique community pantry

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 0 Comments

'Giving Gators' dedicate unique community pantry


The non-profit organization Giving Gators, along with the help of local business sponsors, school administration and community leaders, unveiled the Giving Gators Community Pantry in June. The goal is to bring food, gently used clothing, toiletries and school supplies to K-12 students and families in need within the community.

“Without the proper nutrition and basic essentials, kids cannot concentrate or perform well in school,” said Daylin Garcia, the Giving Gators founder, speaking on behalf of the organization.

The Community Pantry is located at Barbara Goleman Senior High School (BGHS) and has been dedicated to principal Joaquin Hernandez for its 28 years of lifetime service to Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The Pantry will be operating during the school year, but more importantly, during the most critical times when schools are not in session, afternoon, weekends and holidays.

The Giving Gators encourages the community to get involved. Donations and contributions are always needed and much appreciated.

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