Humans of Miami Lakes: Civic volunteer Karla Acosta

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Humans of Miami Lakes: Civic volunteer Karla Acosta




For Karla Acosta, Miami Lakes is not just a town, it’s family. Acosta first came to Miami Lakes in 2012. As a single mother, she wanted to give her then two-year-old son the chance to attend a good school. Without a car, Acosta made the most of the resources Miami Lakes had to offer, and she used the town’s bus to travel around. 

 Because of financial hardships, Acosta found it difficult to take her son out to the movies or other family activities. The town provided free entertainment on weekends for the community, and gave Acosta the opportunity to spend quality time with her son without having to spend a dime. 

 “It’s been a blessing,” Acosta said, holding back tears. “When I moved, I didn’t have a car or job. The only resource I had for transportation was the bus. Everything I needed was in Miami Lakes. I met so many people, and it’s like a huge family. When I moved I was going through a divorce, and it was a very tough time for me. Our Lady of the Lakes school and church was there for me. It wasn’t easy.” 

 Fast forward to 2018, Acosta plays a role in the community that had helped her when she needed it most. In addition to being a member of Miami Lakes’ Cultural Affairs Committee, she’s volunteered at Memorial West Children’s Emergency Room as well as His House Children’s Home. 

She's also a volunteer at Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church, where she teaches Religious Education on Saturdays’s and was a Homeroom Representative and coach for her son’s baseball team. 

 “It helps me help others. You see people from different situations, and you want to keep giving back to the community that gave back to you when you had nothing. You look back and you’re like, I was there once, I know the feeling,” remarked Acosta when asked about being an active member in the town. 

 She’s currently working towards her Business Associates Degree in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in psychology and criminal justice at Keiser University. Her end goal is to work for the town, or her passion in social work. 

 “If you were to ask Karla which hat, out of the many that she wears, is her favorite I am sure that she would say being a mother,” explained Acosta’s sister- in-law, Natyia Jimenez. “You can find Karla in Miami Lakes, or at just about any city event, volunteering and doing her part as a Miami Lakes resident to make a difference in her community.” 

 Community members like Acosta are the reason why Miami Lakes keeps growing beautifully. If you know someone like Acosta who has shaped the community for the better, call 305-817-4078 or email

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