Marguerite Bucchino celebrates her 100 years

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Marguerite Bucchino celebrates her 100 years


Marguerite Bucchino has enjoyed a full century of life.

Bucchino was born in Brockton, Massachusetts on January 27, 1918. Her father was Italian and her mother was French Canadian and Cherokee. Bucchino’s late husband built ships during World War II, and every couple of years the family would take a trip down to Miami Beach during the winter. It was during one of those trips that she decided to move down to South Florida permanently. 

After the war, in December 1946, the Bucchino family packed their bags and headed to downtown Miami. They finally made their way to Miami Lakes in 1984, over 17 years before the town was even incorporated as a municipality in Miami-Dade County.

Her son Richard Bucchino takes her to monthly meetings at Our Lady of the Lakes so she could spend time with her community as well as her closest friends. New Horizons-Young at Heart is a meeting of elderly Miami Lakes residents (65 years or older) where they all come together to play games, pray, eat and even celebrate birthdays. The free meetings are held in the activities hall on the east side of the church at 6600 Miami Lakeway North.

Started by Sister Patricia Munch and Father James Murphy over 20 years ago, New Horizons began as a way to have the older community connect and socialize outside of typical Sunday mass. When Father Murphy passed away and Sister Pat relocated to Texas, Father Jose Alvarez asked the English bible study group to take over and volunteer. 

Since its re-launch 5 years ago, close to 15 people volunteer and donate their time and money to this special group. They open with a prayer and play bingo and complete crossword puzzles. Afterwards, they have lunch and continue to enjoy themselves. Entertainers or members of the church’s choir sometimes join in and charm them as well. Every month also has different themes.

Volunteer Nirma Pina explained this month’s butterfly theme: “Butterflies transform themselves, and faith transforms us.” 

Millie Reyes is in charge of putting it all together and shares the happiness the event brings to not only her, but the community of the church as well. 

“This is honoring all of the pillars that built our church who gave their time and treasure,” said Reyes. “I’m honored to give back to them and God.”

On January 23, around 75 community members joined Bucchino and others to celebrate January birthdays; complete with volunteer members dressed in butterfly wings and antennas. 

Meeting-goers couldn’t stop raving about Bucchino’s dedication to her faith. In fact, one of her closest friends Jose Raul, who takes her to mass every Sunday, theorizes that her longevity is because of it. 

“She went to church everyday until she turned 93 and she couldn’t drive anymore,” Raul explained. “We take her every Sunday now. It’s the least we could do for her.” 

With Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly blasting through the speakers, Bucchino spent quality time with her son and daughter-in-law surrounded by her dearest friends. 

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