Mater Lakes Academy's swim and dive team compete at state

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 0 Comments

Mater Lakes Academy's swim and dive team compete at state
Mater Lakes Academy’s swimming and diving team competed in the state championships, as seven swimmers and divers earned medals at the tournament. The boys’ team finished 4th overall in the state, while the girls finished 17th overall at the state competition. The boys’ 200 yard medley relay team finished in second place at the event.
The state championship results included:
Boys 200 yard medley relay- 2nd (silver medal);
Girls 200 yard IM- Gabriela Fernandez 16th in the state;
Boys 200 yard IM- Michael Fernandez 9th and Brandon Moran 15th;
Boys 100 yard freestyle- Daniel Quijada 9th in the state;
Girls 500 yard freestyle- Michelle Fernandez (8th grader) 5th in the state;
Boys 500 yard freestyle- Michael Fernandez 7th and Agustin Rodriguez (8th grader) 12th;
Boys 200 yard freestyle relay- 7th in the state;
Girls 100 yard breaststroke- Michelle Fernandez (8th grader) 4th and Gabriela Fernandez 8th; and
Boys 100 yard breaststroke- Brandon Moran 3rd and Juan Pablo Pineda 5th in the state.

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